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In short Food Savvy is 
An interesting and witty new blog that is all about food.

Topics that will be covered include: Making better choices while grocery shopping and saving without compromising taste or nutrition.


Jamaican Food Savvy was created by Tanya Lambert B.Sc Dietetics/Nutrition w/honors  in October 2010, with, aggressive online marketing, and content production starting in January.  It was created in order to provide Nutritional information in a new and fun way that allows for individuals to learn, without the Lecture format in which this information is normally conveyed.
Jamaican Food Savvy has received high praises from both Jamaican and American Dietetics and Nutrition professionals.

 Number of views to date90,000   (January 2011 -Present) 23/10/2013
 Most popular posts:
 Flagship content:  Eating to Survive series- A series about the basic food groups and the proportions in which they should be consumed to “survive”.

 Top 10 Nationalities of readers. 
 1. United States
2. Jamaica
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. India
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7. Ukraine
8. Trinidad and Tobago
9. Germany
10. Italy

Feedback from readers: 
Aurie, on Being Food Savvy=Money Savvy
I needed this post in my life like a year ago. It’s better late than never. I will definitely be bookmarking this post for reference. Although, I would consider myself a sound money manager, I must confess that my food expenditures are the only place where I tend to lose that control. It's amazing that I can plan and execute in almost every area except that one. My lady has her work cut out for her, but I’m sure she'll keep me in check and I’ll be the better for her diligence and mine as well.”

 Tina Kilpo, Dietitian
I am a registered dietitian in the United States.  I practice at the Mayo Clinic in Florida.  I just came across your Jamaican Food Savvy blog site.  What a wonderful site!!  It has been very helpful in reading your articles you have posted, since I will be coming to Jamaica next Friday on a mission trip with my church.  We will be traveling in the rural areas near Ocho Rios~ St. Ann's Bay.  We are actually setting up medical clinics in several areas and I will assist by providing some nutrition counseling as well.  It is really nice to get a better understanding of the typical Jamaican cuisine/eating habits via your blog~ especially when trying to educate one on healthy eating habits to decrease risk of chronic diseases.
Best of luck. Keep doing what you are doing and most of all thank you for your information.

healthy foodsAbout Tanya Lambert
hold a B Sc in Dietetics/Nutrition hoping to become a product development specialist and author.
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